Stasis is SO ubiquitous without excesses,

so we are lulled along, so eventless

Until viewing a true winner, when I shake

turn numb

and electric

To me this has no equal feeling,

          producing Image from nothing, from YOU,

          your chemistry alone

The act, the process, is ill defined, but I am one who's ecstasy

 explodes when it happens



This Site

Anytime something new happens in your life, there's a range of feelings you generate that run from instant happiness to serious second-guessings.  Because this site is WAY overdue, its newness seems more pronounced to me, almost like I'd never had a site at all.  Seeing all these images in an organized form for others to see, at this point in life, brings me joy, of course. Simultaneously, I think that there could be much better ways to present these images, but to what end?

I'm very simple in many of my ways, content to do what needs doing in clean, uncluttered motions and thought. My eyes do that too, which results in the images you see here.  I'm a first-time builder, and wasn't wanting to walk out too far into complexity I couldn't handle, and I chose this template. 

So it turns out that I'm satisfied with it, because in the end what I really desire is to have people experience that exact image without any kind of distractions.  If I can be happy about this one thing in life--that other humans react to what I have created--I'll be content knowing this simple little site contributed.